Vinnie Fisher
Fully Accountable

We met with Lloyd's of London last week and they were wowed by our marketing approach and how you made us look...

Todd Breen

Thank you for everything you do for our firm. You are truly a genius!

Activate Group, Inc.
Executive Coach

The feedback we get from our community from around the world. They tell us that your web presence is...mama mia...or what we would say is brilliant. But it wouldn't happen if it wasn't for Marc at LoudMouse. So, I just wanted to take this moment to let you know if you are thinking about engaging Marc, he is absolutely brilliant.

Personal Branding Services Reviews & Testimonials by Chris Brogan

Marc's out there doing all the right things, being the right guy, and with a heart the size of a planet. He's one of the good guys... (Source)

LoudMouse Personal Branding Reviews by Tina Willis

I simply cannot say enough fantastic things about Marc Ensign and his incredible team at LoudMouse. They are true innovators who will find your special something and make it shine like never before. If you want your business to speed ahead, I'd get on the phone with Marc ASAP. (Source)

Tina Willis
Tina Willis Law

When I think of Marc Ensign, I think of him proclaiming, “I need somebody who can see the opportunity in the problem, not the problem with opportunity!” It is this perpetual optimism, unwavering tenacity and humanistic approach that has made Marc such a profound advocate for his friends, colleagues and clients.

Marc’s energy and experience when it comes to motivating people and innovative problem solving has undoubtedly changed my team’s trajectory for the good of our company and scores of other customers.

Marc Ensign is the closest thing this industry has to a “Jerry Maguire.”

Joseph Palumbo
Lead Founder, Managed Cloud, Rackspace Hosting
LoudMouse Personal Branding Reviews by Hal Elrod

Trusting your online marketing to someone is a BIG deal. Think about it: your prospects make a snap judgment of you and your entire brand within seconds of landing on your site. In other words, you can’t screw this up. Enter Marc and now you have nothing to worry about. Hiring Marc to design my site, was the best decision I could have made. He gets it at a deeper level than you or I do. From visual elements to functionality.

Hal Elrod
Best Selling Author, The Miracle Morning
Personal Branding Review for LoudMouse

Marc had a solution that was able to help us create an online marketplace that has reached millions of people around the world! Thank you for your insights and help with our online strategy over the past seven years!

Jairek Robbins
Performance Coach
LoudMouse Personal Branding Reviews by Anthony Amos

We obviously needed digital marketing and social marketing, so we needed somebody special. Marc Ensign has completely transformed our tour with his incredible dedication and influences in these circles. If you need a guy who is going to take your business to the next level, you need to call Marc! Marc is awesome!

Anthony Amos
Bathe to Save