People like to do business with those they know, like and trust. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If any one of those three are missing, you are less likely to hire someone. Think about it. Let’s say you needed Lasik Eye Surgery. The first thing you do is start asking around looking for recommendations instead of throwing a dart at the yellow pages or blindly call someone with the prettiest ad (know) When you show up at their office you have certain expectations of how they should act towards you. If they are a jerk, there is no way you would hire them (like). Finally, if they’ve passed the sniff test, the final piece of the puzzle is whether they are credible in their field. If they are doing Lasik Eye surgery from the back of a Toyota Corolla, chances are you are out.

In a live one on one example like that it’s really easy to see. And yet for some reason we don’t think the same rules apply online. Someone gets to our website and we’re so busy asking for the sale we completely forgot to get to know them. Or give them a chance to like us. Or to prove that we’re trustworthy.

You see, people aren’t buying your product or service. They are buying the results of your product or service. They are buying peace of mind. And so, here is a further breakdown of our three prong approach to authority marketing.


It doesn’t matter what we do if nobody knows you exist. So, the first piece of the puzzle is your marketing. Making sure you are positioned in such a way that your ideal clients know who you are and know where to find you. This is how we drive qualified traffic to your website from ideal clients. A few of the methods we use include Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.


Your message is the soul of your company. It’s that one word, the spark, you use to describe what you do. It’s the promise you make the people you work for. It’s the story that got you to where you are. It’s the voice you use to communicate with the public. It’s your personality. And of course, it’s also your logo and your colors. We showcase your message through your website design, content and all of your visuals.


If your company is positioned as the end-all-be-all authority within your industry, the majority of people will choose you over your competitors almost every time. We are looking for experts. It’s why we choose to go with the Lasik eye surgeon that charges $2,000 per eye over the new guy in town that has a $250 buy one get one free special. We want to know that the job is being done and being done right. And we do this through your content, product development and launches.

By the time we’re done with you, you have a crystal clear message that resonates with your ideal clients who are able to easy find you and want to buy from you because you are known as the industry expert.