Not Just Another Fractional CMO for Medical Professionals

Put your focus back on patient care. We’ve got your marketing covered.

Medical offices face unique challenges when it comes to marketing.

Medical offices operate in a highly regulated environment.

Compliance, patient privacy, and reputation management are paramount. With the wrong marketing team in place, you run the risk of…

  • Getting lost in a sea of competitors.
  • Haphazard branding that undermines your authority with patients.
  • Wasting thousands of dollars on lead generation for crappy leads that don’t convert.

With our experience in the medical sector, we’re well-versed in the intricacies that set your industry apart. From localized marketing for new patient acquisition to maintaining patient trust, we know the ropes.

We get the results most marketers only promise.

Ensure Patients Find You,
Every Time

77 % of people use a search engine to start their healthcare journey. Will they find you?

Fortify Your Practice Reputation

With 84% of users depending on online reviews to make healthcare provider decisions, your online reputation matters more than ever.

Grow Your Practice with Measurable Outcomes

Get proven strategies for medical practices with clear, predictable results and stay ahead in the digital healthcare landscape.

Add Stability & Structure to Your Marketing Team.

If your firm has shelled out money for a professional marketing team but they keep falling short of their promised results, then it’s time to hire LoudMouse.

  • We’ll identify where the budget was misspent.
  • We’ll re-engineer your marketing strategy so it maximizes your ROI.
  • We’ll cut your lead acquisition costs.
  • We’ll help you build a lead generation machine.

In short, we’ll realign your marketing in less time than those other guys took to build their first campaign.

Ready to Reclaim
Your Marketing Dollars?

Flip the script on your marketing department and schedule a call with LoudMouse today!

Step 1

Schedule a
Free Discovery Call

Spend one hour on a call with a LoudMouse expert so you can better understand what is working and not working with your marketing.

Step 2

Conduct a
Comprehensive Audit

Have our team do a deep dive into every aspect of your current marketing strategy to document all of the gaps and areas for improvement.

Step 3

Design and Implement
Your Strategy

Sit back while your LoudMouse develops and implements your marketing strategy custom tailored to deliver tangible results for your business.

Client Reviews

“Marc Ensign is the closest thing this industry has to a Jerry Maguire!”

Joseph Palumbo
Founder, Managed Cloud, Rackspace

LoudMouse was a game-changer for us. They provided the stability, accountability, and innovative growth strategies that transformed our marketing efforts and led to exponential growth.

Charlotte Christian
Charlotte Christian Law

Ready to reclaim your marketing dollars and flip the script on your marketing department?

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