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The Challenge

Vinnie had done such an incredible job building his company Fully Accountable that he was no longer needed in the day to day running of the business. He was much more valuable out in the world speaking at events. While there were plenty of people in his space that already knew who he was, his message was a bit confusing and needed some focus in order to build his personal brand.

The Result

We helped Vinnie position himself as the brand ambassador of his own company. As a result, Vinnie was able to get booked on multiple stages that resulted in 6-figures in new revenue for his company. He has also increased his earned media impressions which has helped expand his value as a thought leader in his space.

Their whole service package at LoudMouse is the best investment we’ve made to add earned media to Fully Accountable... Watch the Video

Vinnie Fisher
CEO of Fully Accountable
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