Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey is a best-selling author, Hall of Fame speaker, and world-renowned teacher. Listed as one of the NSA's top ten speakers in the United States, Simon has shaped the lives of more than 2 million people in 45 different countries.

Personal Branding for Speakers


Simon T. Bailey

Project Scope

When Simon T. Bailey joined our family, he already had a brilliant message, a successful speaking career and a stack of books with his name on the cover.

What Simon and his team wanted was to reach more people and and grow his business through other channels such as selling digital products.


We redesigned Simon's website and then started by working on his email list, ultimately growing it to more than 20,000 subscribers. After digging through all of his assets, we found that Simon was a master on camera and had a vault of content written. It just needed to be organized.

We began putting the pieces together by taking his flagship talk "Shift Your Brilliance" and we turned it into his first online digital product. From there we ran several launches, developed several more products and are now in the process of developing what we feel will be his most successful online program ever, Brilliant Presenter.