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The Challenge

When Eliz came to us, she was juggling two different subjects but trying to make them both work on a website that was already pretty clunky. On the one hand, she was known for having a heart attack at a young age while pregnant with twins (and you thought you had a bad day). At the same time, she was trying to build a brand as a speaker on stress and the two messages were getting lost and confused in the mix.

The Result

We broke the two messages up into two separate brands in order to allow her “heart attack” community to continue to follow her without getting caught up in her growth as a speaker and author. At the same time, we built a new brand for her as a speaker and made that the target location for anyone interested in hiring her. It worked! She’s been growing like a weed! And somehow she’s even more amazing than she was before. If that’s even possible.

We think we know what works for our brand, but when you work with LoudMouse, they really see what’s going to sell you. I could not more highly recommend LoudMouse!

Eliz Greene
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