Bathe to Save

Imagine living in a 200 square foot RV for 18 months with three kids, a dog and two rabbits while saving the lives of shelter dogs all over the country. That was the dream for Anthony Amos and with a little help from LoudMouse it became a reality.


Bathe to Save

Project Scope

When we first met Anthony and his family they were gearing up to leave for an eighteen month trip around the country in order to raise money to save shelter dogs. Having never done anything like this before, he was unclear on how to get his message out to the public. Their primary goal was to reach as many people as possible.

Anthony brought LoudMouse into the mix in order to clarify their message, get in front of as may people as possible, help organize the direction of the tour and get their digital assets in check.


After evaluating their current position and the direction of the tour, Marc worked with Anthony to clarify their message both online and offline.

The tour began to get the attention of television executives and because of that, Anthony and his family appeared on The Rachael Ray Show, Larry King, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC and dozens of other news outlets.

The Bathe to Save Tour has since been offered a reality show on a popular cable network as well as sponsorships from major companies and organizations such as Subaru, Wahl and The Greater Good.