If you are highly organized, get excited at the idea of solving problems, impeccable with time (meaning time management, not that you can time travel or anything like that), and a great communicator, keep reading because your dreams are about to come true!

The job responsibilities include: 

  • Onboarding new clients to ensure that projects are kicked off properly.
  • Communicating between clients and team members to make sure the project is moving forward.
  • Being the internal advocate for the client and the external advocate for the team.
  • Managing multiple projects, clients, and teams at once.
  • Maintaining detailed timelines, project plans, status reports, and budgets for project deliverables and milestones.
  • Scheduling all client and internal meetings, developing agendas and briefs, creating and distributing post-meeting notes.
  • Ensuring work delivered to Clients is top-notch and approve all work pre-client delivery.
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Improving on existing systems.
  • Submitting reports detailing the results of our work. 
  • Managing marketing projects like website design, SEO, social media, and other typical agency work.

This is a position with plenty of room to grow. So, if you are looking for an opportunity to come to work every day with a sense of purpose and a sense of humor, this is it. While we are located in Tampa, Florida, this is a virtual position, so you could live on the moon as you have a decent internet connection and are available during a normal workday.

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