LoudMouse is the brainchild of attention seeking expert Marc Ensign (The Big Cheese) who has been actively involved in the world of digital marketing since the days when the Internet was being held together with scotch tape, bubble gum and a box of discarded America Online CD’s. He first got his start as the founder of an award winning website design and search engine optimization agency but eventually became uninspired at the task of mindlessly driving traffic with the hopes that it would actually mean something.

You see, ever since Marc was a kid he had a dream of changing the world. Realizing that he wasn’t living into that dream, he chose to leave the company he started and began LoudMouse. The idea was to take something he was really good at (getting attention through digital marketing) and leverage that talent to make a big impact on the world by working directly with those seeking to make a difference (speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs).

Under Marc’s leadership, LoudMouse lives by a very simple mission. To change the world by empowering those who want to change the world, change the word. It’s a constant reminder of who we are, what we do and why we do it. So, if that sounds anything like you, consider this an invitation to join us.